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How it all Started.


There are two parts to Indigo Femme, the functional art and the well-being, because beauty and happiness begins on the inside.

For the first, all of our items are hand-made and imported from all over the world. My love for interesting cultural pieces began at a young age. I fell in love with my grandma’s exotic unique jewelry that she collected from her travels. I preferred these pieces over jewelry from department stores because they stood out and no one had anything like it. I realized it is also because there is a story behind them, almost an aura or life to them. They weren’t mass produced and manufactured in a factory for the masses but had a special natural essence and unique exotic designs. Art has always been the core of my soul. I believe self expression is beautiful and important. Art can be expressed through clothing and accessories and the colors and patterns you wear play a part in your mood.


As for well-being, it didn’t become a passion until one very special class I took at Chapman University. This class was called “Eastern Concepts in Health and Healing” taught by Dr. Ronda Wimmer who is one of the most credentialed health care providers in the industry today. I feel very fortunate to have had Dr. Wimmer as a teacher, her class changed my life. I learned about the differences between Eastern and Western cultures in regard to the physical, mental, and spiritual health of an individual. I learned about several Eastern approaches such as ayurveda and holistic healing. I began to follow these practices and philosophies and realized how staying true to nature is the key to ultimate well being. After following this lifestyle, I began to feel a constant heightened energy and saw a difference in emotional state and physical appearance. I never knew it was possible to feel this way. I wondered why these practices are still uncommon in the West and decided I will do my best to share these secrets of the East I learned with who ever wants to learn. That is what the blog is for.


After this class, I became interested in the spirituality of the East and took a class on Buddhism. In a nutshell I learned the Buddhist understanding of the human predicament and the solutions they offer as well as ritual and meditative practices. Although I do not consider myself a Buddhist, I admire their peaceful ways of cultivating good in the world and within themselves. It gave me great insight on life and I saw how valuable some of these philosophies are. That is where the spiritual nature of Indigo Femme comes from.


Thank you for visiting Indigo Femme. I hope you can find something here that brings you happiness.


Diana Sepulveda